The Best Fancy Dress Outfits for Women This Year Fancy Outfits

The Best Fancy Dress Outfits for Women This Year

Fancy dress parties are always fun, but creating the perfect look can be challenging for some women. There are so many options to choose from when buying outfits, that it can be difficult to decide what you should get. If you want to look your best at your next party and stand out from the crowd, follow our tips on finding the best outfit this year!

What to consider when buying your costume
When picking a fancy dress outfit to wear on Halloween, consider what type of event you’re attending. Are you heading to a party? Or are you going trick-or-treating with your children? Regardless of what type of event you attend, keep in mind that it will be important to stay warm as well as comfortable. If it’s cold, a coat or robe should be worn over your costume to prevent being too chilly. Your feet should also stay dry and insulated; if they get wet while trick-or-treating they could become very cold when wet and cause your toes to cramp up (yikes!). When choosing a pair of boots, make sure that there is enough room around your toes so that they aren’t squished together.

How long will you wear it?
Whether you’re planning on wearing a fancy dress outfit to a themed party, or just going out with your friends to paint the town red, make sure you don’t wear it more than once. Fancy dresses are one-time wear items, so be responsible and stay within budget by investing in high-quality ones that you can flaunt more than once. This is especially important if you plan on wearing an elegant lace dress. Even though lace dresses are cheaper than satin or silk ones, they usually don’t have great durability, which means they won’t be of much use after one wear.

What are your plans?
Now that you have your theme, it’s time to pick out fancy dress outfits for women. How will you wear your hair? And what about makeup? The first thing on your to-do list should be making a list of everything you want to bring with you and everything you think might be useful to have on hand. Don’t forget a few items of clothing: Sometimes getting dressed up can take just as long as getting ready for a normal day. Plan ahead, and leave yourself time to enjoy!

Are you attending an event?
One of my favorite things about life in London is all of the different kinds of events that are happening every single day. There’s always a reason to get dressed up and go out. That’s what makes it so special here—the sheer variety of things you can do, see and experience in one single city. When I moved here, I didn’t think twice about going to fancy dress parties or fashion shows because they were something I did when I lived in New York City. But once you live somewhere else, you realize just how much fun it is!

Are you going as a group or individually?
Most of us own a ton of jewelry but we don’t wear half of it. But no need to panic, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new accessories; you just need to switch them up! Try accessorizing different pieces with items that already belong in your jewelry box. For example, try switching up those dangly earrings by wearing them as a necklace or headband.

Will it be cold at night?
Weather forecasting can be an inexact science. In addition to thinking about your options if it’s going to be a warm evening, consider whether you’re going to want to wear a coat in case it gets chilly. You may even want two outfits – one warmer and one lighter – depending on what you think will happen. The same goes with footwear: unless it’s clear from looking at your invite that you have to wear heels or flats, it might be smart to have both ready at home. If you’re hosting at your house (or something similarly festive), think about whether there will be drinks and dessert, too! Then you won’t feel bad about busting out your champagne flutes if that kind of thing makes sense.

What accessories do I need?
One of the best ways to amp up your outfit is with a snazzy accessory. Headpieces, socks, scarves and belts can all be purchased cheaply online or at discount stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Don’t pay too much attention to whether or not it’s an authentic designer item—this is just about dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself! If you’re feeling super creative, try making your own accessories at home (with some help from tutorials on Pinterest). A really cheap accessory that you can make at home are glitter shoes!

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