5 Dresses Under $100 That Will Up Your Fashion Game Fancy Outfits

5 Dresses Under $100 That Will Up Your Fashion Game

The key to fashion success? Dresses under $100 that look like you spent way more than that on them. Here are 5 dresses under $100 to get you started on the path to looking amazing and saving money at the same time.

1) Maxi dresses
If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear dress that will elevate any look, try a maxi dress. You can wear these elegant dresses both casually and formally—and they look especially chic in the summer months when paired with wedges or sandals. They’re also typically made of lightweight fabric, meaning they’re perfect for spring and summer weather. Want to start incorporating maxi dresses into your wardrobe? Here are some great ones to get you started

2) Flutter sleeves
Long, bell-shaped sleeves are both feminine and flirty. Flutter sleeves help to soften a hard torso, create separation between your chest and waist area, and can easily be disguised under a top layer without showing too much skin. If you want to add some extra oomph to your outfit but not show too much skin, look for dresses with flutter or puff sleeves. They will highlight your curves while keeping you cool in summer weather.

3) Ruffle Sleeve
Sleeves that add an extra element of style to an otherwise simple dress are, in my opinion, worth their weight in gold. This sleeveless button-up shift dress is so cute and can be worn with or without a sweater or jacket depending on your location. The ruffled sleeves give it some added flair without going overboard, which makes it perfect for any season. You can also dress it up with wedges or keep it casual with a pair of sneakers and still look great! Cost: $29.99 @ Target Beige Midi Skirt: I’m all about having as many options for my wardrobe as possible and being able to change things up during different seasons helps me do that.

4) Basic Lace Dress
I love a classic LBD. I think every woman should have one in her closet, but especially so if she’s just starting out and wants to get dressed up without breaking the bank. The best part is that there are a lot of great versions at many different price points so you don’t have to go broke if you’re on a budget. My current favorite can be found here for under $60 with free shipping from Nordstrom Rack!

5) Dress with belt
Whether you’re a fashion-forward girl or a girl who likes to feel casual, belts are a great way to show off your personal style. No matter if you wear it over your favorite summer dress or under a blazer at work, belts allow you to get creative with accessorizing. Not only that but adding an accessory to any outfit makes an outfit even more stylish. And what better way than with some cute belts? Whether you prefer chunky, floral, checkered or studded designs there is surely one for everyone! Don’t know how to wear them? No problemo! Here are three easy ways for beginners to rock their belt like a pro!

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