The Best YSL Bags, According to Our Hands-on Editor Fancy Outfits

The Best YSL Bags, According to Our Hands-on Editor

Style=”font-weight: 400;”>The IcareStyle=”font-weight: 400;”> has become one of the most well-known Saint Laurent bags, thanks to its quick adoption by Fashion mavericks like Camille Charriere and Zoë Kravitz. But, does it live up to its trendy reputation? In our experience, yes. The Icare is one of the Style=”font-weight: 400;”>best oversized bagsStyle=”font-weight: 400;”> on the market, so much so that our associate Fashion  editor has even selected it as their favorite. 

Style=”font-weight: 400;”>While the exaggerated gold logo and shape is not our first choice for timeless bags, we can make an exception for Saint Laurent. The oversized shape and texture ensures that even though the hardware is eye-catching, it’s proportional to the rest of the bag, therefore making it easier to wear than other logo-saturated designs likeStyle=”font-weight: 400;”> Gucci’s Jumbo GG medium canvas tote bagStyle=”font-weight: 400;”>. If you’re wondering how the Icare compares to the Manhattan, the quilted leather and hobo-like shape means it’s a lot more enduring and supple, which is perfect if you’re prone to overpacking. The true selling point of this best YSL bag lies in its versatility. Although the Icare only comes in one size, you can alter the width of the bag using the gold internal chain; it also features a removable pouch for storing your everyday essentials.

Style=”font-weight: 400;”>“The quality of the leather, functionality, and size makes the Icare worth the price,” explains Naylor. “No matter how many items I’m carrying it still feels very comfortable due to the thick, supportive straps.” This is perfect for long weekends when you can only take one bag, yet need something multifunctional.

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