Door Brush Sweeps Seal Garage Roll Up Door Brush 3 Sets Retsun 3 Inches Net Width Durable Easy Mounting for Exterior Doors


【General】 Retsun door accessories vary from door brushes, silicon sweeps, exit buttons, sensors, etc.., with strict quality control ( MIL-105 Sampling plan )procedures and fast after-sale response. 【Categories】The door brush seals or door brush sweeps mainly have two categories according to the material: PP hair and horse hair. Both categories help to deter the air flow on either side of the door, by screwing-in or by sticking. 【Series】 The hair width vary from 0.5′ to5.5”, and the length can also be adjusted according to customer’s demand. 【Parts】 The door brush weep package includes 3 changeable hair strips ,12 screws and 3 aluminum housings, please check them once the goods received.

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Aluminum holder, PP hair
1. Keep unwanted dirt, dust, cold air and draughts at bay with our premium quality door brush seals and sweeps, under strict quality control MIL-105-E.
2. Retsun brush collection includes the fine door brush seals and brush sweeps , from 0.5 inches to 3 inches, just to cater to all your needs.
3. Our garage door brush seal will keep your garage cozy and weatherproof, while the roll up door seal will ensure that your commercial space remains clean and free from debris.
4. Retsun brush seals are ultra-durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions by the first-class PP hair, SUS304 screws and 6063 aluminum housing.
5. We also stock door sweeps for exterior doors that come in different lengths to suit your decor, adjustable at customers. Or you can tell us your length via Amazon mail.
6. Our door sweep brush easily attaches to the bottom of your door with SUS 304 screws, creating a tight seal that will keep your home or workspace comfortable and energy-efficient.
7. Buy our high-quality door sweeps and seals today and enjoy a healthier and inviting environment, save your energy, lead a greener life style.
8. Retsun Door Brush, your professional choice!


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